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AC Installations, Maintenance, Repairs & Modernizations

We will assist you in the planning, installation, maintence, and modernization of your climate control control system, providing energy efficiency tips whenever possible.


AC Installations

At Donegan Air Conditioning, Inc., we recognize the value of an air conditioning system that is dependable and effective in providing a comfortable indoor atmosphere.

AC Maintenance / Repairs

AC Repairs

A functioning air conditioning system becomes essential for your house or place of business when the sweltering South Florida summers arrive. However, wear and tear or other elements might cause AC issues that impair performance.

AC Maintenance

A solid air conditioning system is essential for staying calm throughout the sweltering summer months. However, routine maintenance is critical to guaranteeing the best performance and efficiency.

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Wonderful company! Super helpful, great people, and honest!

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The service is amazing. Tom and family run a great business!

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